Frequently asked questions

We have carefully selected our client’s most frequently asked questions and we’ve laid out all of the answers on this page, so you can easily access them.

1What is
We offer a soccer tips service that is intended for people who are determined to change their future and want to start investing in football betting. We are a professional team of experts who work hard every day to make sure your goals are met.
2What do you base your predictions on?
We have a special SQL software that was produced by our developers in a span of almost two years. Currently we are the only tipster service providing AI analysis of this kind. The combination of the software and our long-standing knowledge and experience in the sphere form our confident predictions.
3How do I buy your Tips?
We work with the safest and easiest to use payment methods - PayPal, Skril, Neteller, Bank Transfer, and even Crypto. If you are using a PayPal, just click the Buy Now button on the banner that matches your service. If you use Skril, you can send the amount of your account with the skrill to skrill option using our email address The same applies to Neteller. If you use Bank Transfer, please contact us here. If you want to pay with Crypto currency, contact us here.
4Do you offer free Tips?
Yes, we do, but exclusively to our regular customers. We do not offer free test tips. Our experience in the field shows that 99% of people who want to opt for a free tip simply want to exploit the option and are not intending to pay for our services in the long run. If you are already a regular client, you will most likely receive free tips in the days when we find the most secure matches.
5Do you offer discounts?
Yes, of course we do, but they are tailored for our regular and loyal customers. If we have periodic discounts that apply to all users, you will see the details announced on the main page of our website.
6I have paid for a Tip, when I am receiving it?
We will contact you as soon as we receive a payment notification from the payment service you have used to complete the transaction. We strive to send our customers the tips early in the morning, at least 3 hours before the event.
7Which Bookmaker do you prefer?
Depends on the country you are from. For Europe, we most often use Bet365 and Pinnacle. However, we are aware of all big bookmakers and we can use the one our Client prefers.
8My Bookmaker does not offer the bet from your Tip, what should I do?
Do not worry, in these cases we provide another match that exists as an event in your bookmaker. It is always best for us to know from the start where you prefer betting at.
9What kind of bets do you provide with your Tips?
1x2, Under/Over, Asian Handicap.
10Do you offer tennis, hockey, bascetball, horse racing and other Tips?
No, our system is related exclusively to football matches.
11New Tip replaces the originally sent Tip, Why?
This happens in the rare cases when we receive reliable information hours or two before the match. In cases where the odds are rising rapidly, we are trying to investigate what this is all about and eventually decide to change the Tip as soon as possible.
12Do you offer Tips for “Fixed” matches?
No, we don't. Whoever claims to offer tips for fixed events is probably lying to you. These matches are mostly in the volleyball, tennis and basketball leagues, they are not shared over the Internet and one cannot bet on them with the most common bookmakers. As for football, if there is a fixed match, even 80% of the team does not know about that, so it is obvious, that we won’t have that information too...
13Which leagues do you offer tips for most often?
We tend to favor the biggest European leagues, since we can do the most profound analysis for them.